Creature Design Week 01

Instructor: Jerad S Marantz

Class Syllabus:
This is an in-depth introduction to Creature Design for both the Film and Game Industries. We will explore designing within the genres of Horro, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. (nice!!)

-Draw small & starting loose and fast
-Sketch (doodle) on paper -> Explore Possibility -> Design Details
-Do tons of doodles without falling love with details of each doodles
-參考: 古典人像畫的姿勢、宗教圖騰可用在皮膚上、美式足球球員、動物資料照、Photos that look scary
-研究昆蟲、動物運行的方式,運用在Creature Design上
-Paint on photo to make it a monster/creature.
-Working with limitation might create some happy accidence.
-90% of the design is about FORM/SILHOUETTE.


40 full body silhouettes that have significant range in design and shape.