Final Fantasy

Coloring on a red skin creature in dark scene with fire in the background is kinda challenging...

Hope it reads well.
(don't know why but it looks flat when save as JPEG)

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Arms 提到...






chengwhich 提到...

looks cool! reminds me
of darkness from legend.
how is your intuos 4?

Houston Hsieh 提到...

Arms, 對阿這是legend電影裡面那個惡魔角色的re-design. 其實時間不夠不然我會設計個屌一點的兵器給他. 等之後時間多一點我再把這個piece用的瘋狂一點. 謝謝誇獎啦 我們一起努力 ^^

Thanks! and yeah it's my final fantasy creature assignment for the re-design of the darkness. haha I keep some similar elements on it. and I'll make it more wild afterwards.
As for Intuos 4, it's really awesome. you can really feel you're drawing on it. a must buy kit for concept artist!

Mio 提到...

Sir Houston! *(Salutes)* I'll keep an eye on your blog sir! i look forward to your next masterpiece

Jason lin 提到...

wow...u r going to really kicking some stuff man
good luck for ur study